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Easy Transporter

The Easy Transporter is the ideal solution for lifting and transporting heavy media rolls to and from your printing equipment.

The Easy Transporter has a long flip ramp so that rolls are easily loaded on to the lifter. The flip up on the ramp maintains transport security.

With our system, rolls weighing up to 150 Kilograms can be raised to a height of up to 110 cm. 70 mm per turn of crank handle (16 turns for full lifting height).
Low-noise winch with safety crank handle.

200 mm diameter rear wheels enable loads to be transported across uneven floors and small steps. Highly maneuverable.

Retractable wheels „International Patent application pending“ allow you to move the lifter in all directions as required, it also rotates 360° in its place.

The Easy Transporter is made for easy use and durability.
Tubular construction for maximum strength at reduced weight (>30kg).
High-quality galvanized finish suitable for clean environments.

The Easy Transporter passes through doorways and openings from one meter and larger.
Parking brake on both rear wheels

Easy Transporter

Maximum weight load: 150 Kg
Dimensions: 90 x 80 x 140 cm
Weight packed: 54 Kg