The Fotoba hybrid solution with the Canon Colorado printer is the same as the general solution. Only here everything is adapted to this printer. Instead of a dancer unit, only a much cheaper interface is needed, which is supplied by Fotoba.

The heart is an XLD170 or XLD210 with the stacker in the output and an interface as a connection to the printer.

If there is enough space between printer and cutter, it is possible to work on-line or off-line.

A new feeding unit JUL for media rolls up to 600m running meters is also available.
This allows up to 600 meters to be processed in one piece without reloading.

The use of this unit requires a special interface cassette (instead of the normal paper cassette) and is available from Canon.

With this solution, the capacity can be increased and the need for integrated production is also met.

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Technical Specifications

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