Intelpack 8 Z-Pro

What Intelpack 8 Can Do?

Cardboard box cutting machine allows you to create cardboard boxes according to your needs by processing endless corrugated cardboard (Z Cardboard) with minimum waste and maximum efficiency.

Using the cardboard-box cutting machine you will exactly produce the packaging that you need – in optimal shape, with high volume utilization degree, and with minimum unit cost.

Performance and quality are raised when compared to manual packaging.

Process costs in the packaging area reduced by up to 30%.

Technical Specifications

  • Min. Length Open Box: 300 mm
  • Power Supply: 3 kW 400V / 50Hz (Europa)
  • Compressed Air: min. 6-7 bar
  • Software: TPA Compact Software
  • Hardware: TPA CNC Controller
  • Machines Sizes: H: 2100 mm – L: 6000 mm – W: 4200 MM
  • Weight: 1800 kg.
  • Operating Width: 2.4 m.
  • Box / Min.: Average 5 Boxes
  • Box Format: Conforming to Fefco Standards
  • Feed Rate: 45m / min x axis / 200m / min y axis
  • No. longitudinal units: 8
  • Cardboard Type: Standard / Corrugated Cardboard Thickness: 2 mm to 7 mm

We reserve the right to make price and technical changes, as well as any publication or printing errors.