Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

The festive season is upon us. One should be thoughtful and cheerful. Can
we do that, or is this year not more about taking a critical look and
Two years that were different from all the years before, that have left their
mark. The world with its population, its habits and values are no longer the
Yes, change is necessary, even desirable. Unfortunately, the negative ones
often prevail.
People still withdraw and look out for themselves. This is reflected in
increased loneliness and a growing tendency towards egoism, which can be
felt everywhere.
This year we would like to set an example, instead of sending Christmas
presents, for respect and humanity with the support of 2 local organizations
that are helping and are there:

City Angels Lugano, who provides a helping hand for the homeless, now
threatened with homelessness themselves, is in urgent need of help.
Lugano «Engeln» droht die Obdachlosigkeit – Blick

The association Global Shapers Lugano, we have actively supported with the
logistics for the distribution of Christmas gifts to refugee centers.
«Vogliamo portare un messaggio di benvenuto a tutti i richiedenti l’asilo» –
Ticinonline (

In this spirit, we wish you happy holidays and a better and more humane
New Year.

your DCI Team