FESPA Berlin 2022 was great!

It was great to participate at (real) FESPA again. We were very pleased to see old connections as well as new faces in the last few days in Berlin. Surely the presence of so many people, all happy to be once again experiencing this atmosphere, is a very good sign!

FESPA is always the right opportunity to show new products, classic bestsellers and simply ideal solutions for you while always trying to be innovative! Fotoba is doing this impeccably. At Fotoba’s booth you find not only the classic cutters for which it is now famous and inimitable in the LFP industry. You also find Finishing solutions ranging from unrolling/rolling jumbo-rolls, to stackers and the workhorse: XLA170, a cutter that, in addition to classic X/Y cutting with respective corrections, automatically moves the blades on the Y axis thanks to barcode reading. The advantage? You can print multiple jobs with different formats on the same roll without having to worry about having to change blade position manually.

We are also pleased and incredibly proud that Fotoba’s solutions are present not only on our booth, but also on the booth of leading companies in the industry: Canon Production Printing, d.gen Inc., Epson Europe B.V. and also M.B.A S.r.l.!

At Canon’s booth you had the chance to see the highly requested Wallpaper Factory, which is not just a combination of machines, but an A to Z solution:

  • Input: Jumbo Roll
  • Output: each individual poster printed (UV gel technology), cut, rolled, and fixed with a label.
    All this in a completely automated way! The operator just has to package the roll and send it to the customer. Brilliant!

At MBA’s booth, on the other hand, there was another in-line solution, ideal for blue-back and white-back poster production where you can load literally giant jumbo rolls. Again, this is a solution with crazy efficiency.

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