Jumbo Feeder

Work faster and more efficiently with the Jumbo Feeder!
The Jumbo Feeder is a special unit for feeding from large diameter media rolls to a process unit, ideally suited to all models of the HP Turbo Jet.

This unit allows you to work easily and efficiently with large Jumbo Rolls--   up to 1,3 meter diameter and 1950 Kg.

Easy loading: Through spindle motors you can lift the Jumbo rolls into the working position.

Now you can avoid time consuming interruptions for changing rolls on large jobs using the same material (typically, blue back).

The cost of the media is lower.  With this cost saving your ROI in the short term is financially feasible.  .
Because the normal loader is not removed, a second roll of media can be loaded, therefore switching between two types of media is fast and easy.

Increase your productivity! Lower your costs!

Easy to use, build for durabilty.

The Jumbo Feeder is mobile-- simply moves the unit to one side when room is needed, for example, when you are producing double-sided printing with table loading.

Technical Details:

230 AC – 5A

The charge depends on the material properties and the used pneumatic clamping shaft. The base unit is designed for loads up to 1500kg.

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